Do you know Penny Thomas Sago? If so be warned. Penny is a scam artist and gold digging whore. She doesn’t care who gets hurt in the long run as long as she benefits. Not only is Penny a gold digger and thief shes know as the biggest whore of Oklahoma. She has a narcotic and alcoholic addition and also has an std that she doesn’t disclose. Married two times and three kids later , Penny couldn’t keep her legs closed. After being with most of the guys in Coweta, Oklahoma she had to look else where. Penny will open her legs to who ever. She doesn’t care if their married ,single, bi, as long as she gets something out of it she’ll open those fat legs. If you know Penny Thomas Sago please stay far away. Before you get an std, scammed, or used by this piece if work.

10 thoughts on “🐷🐽 PENNY THOMAS SAGO 🐽🐷”

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