Ben Tekeste Of Colorado Is A Closet Homsexual & Living A Lie

I thought I would inform the people online about this crazy weirdo stalker who goes by the name of Ben Tekeste. This trollop has been in denial and confused about his sexuality for years. This dates back to the days of working with him. For the record, I have nothing against anyone in the LGBQT community. However I believe every one should live there TRUTH. Mr. Tekeste to my own observation never been with a girl sexually and believes in lying on his d1ck to make it seems like he is some type of big shot among the lady at the job. He’s been confronted numerous times based on the rumors that he himself has spreaded amongst the workplace. The reason for the headline is Ben been known to hang out at gay bars and as recent as a couple of years ago was on a gay dating app called Grindr as well as a website called He was confronted (because he talks so much sh1t) and typical of Ben he lies and says someone set him up. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO bro the only thing that was setup was you setting up a account on them sites. You’re a liar and you need to be honest with yourself. No one is going to keep saying the same thing about you especially when info keeps popping up here and there. Such as you being in other dudes DMs, etc. I also feel he goes out of his way to a certain degree to be nice to a extent cause of his little previous mishap at work. Live your truth Ben. Society is much more open nowadays.

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