Chris Trubiani is an insecure, egotistical liar-liar-liar!

Christopher Valentino Trubiani (Cleveland, Ohio)

Dating nightmare!

Dating review of Chris Trubiani.

Chris Trubiani is an insecure, egotistical liar-liar-liar!

Looks nothing like photos. Expect a fat, overweight, pimply insecure slob.

Uses several FAKE names and nicknames.

Can’t even keep his pants up. Lots of chunky plumber crack.

This man-boy-child bottom has serious mental issues.

Chris Trubiani is NOT a nice person. Trubiani will seem nice and sugary sweet at first, but expect a devious devil fag that is all show and all insecurities and lies.

Christopher Trubiani begs for all your attention and if he doesn’t get it, he turns pathetic and whines. It’s me-me-me with this whiny bottom.

Thinks the world revolves around his bubble butt, and doesn’t understand why everyone doesn’t bow to his very wish. He will even try to buy you off. Blow you and buy you, but don’t fall for it. Say no.

Tells you tons of stories, most aren’t true. Chris Trubiani inflates himself.

You’ll want to say “Grow up, you obese zit-faced adult child. Stop lying.”

I wouldn’t go near Chris Trubiani with a ten-foot pole, unless you want nothing but cellulite, pimples, skin products, fake blonde hair, and problems.

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