Filthy pig fucker David McMahon – East Gippsland, VIC Australia

David McMahon is a cheater. He has a partner named Trlby Steinberger and he harasses other women. This feral, entitled, sack of shit spends his time sexting other women, and is a disgusting pig about it. David McMahon is a filthy minded pervert! This jobless alcoholic stalks women online and lies to them about his partner being into threesomes.

David McMahon is a worthless lowlife! He is a troublemaking scumbag! David is a far-right bully who stalks, doxxes and harasses people with whom he disagrees. He follows neo-nazis and will doxx reasonable minded people who take a stand against the division and hatred they cause.

David McMahon is a deranged freak with a malignant personality disorder, which causes him to be egocentric, selfish, entitled and inconsiderate. He’s an unemployed alcoholic and bludges off the Australian taxpayer. This idiot is mentally disturbed and should not be allowed access to society or social media. He should be locked away under extreme supervision, like other slow and mental retarded people are. This creep should not be allowed on the streets, nor should he be allowed on social media/the internet at all. His phone and other electronic devices should be taken away from him.

If you see this doxxing, stalking pervert on social media, block him! If you see him in real life, RUN!!!!!

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