Fitim Gashi: racist fuck boy of Hopewell Junction, NY

This former friend of mine is nothing but a diseased son a bitch who loves to fuck around with his friends’s gf. He’s pulled that shit to me being my back. He pretends to like blacks yet loves to say fucked up racist shit behind their backs (I’m half black and Puerto Rican) along with hitting on their gfs who are white

31 thoughts on “Fitim Gashi: racist fuck boy of Hopewell Junction, NY”

  1. Fuck this piece of shit. He also likes to harass Asians such as my friends who went to school with us as John Jay. Hell I heard he still acts the same even during this pandemic. Would not surprise me if he harassed the hell out of some random Asian. Basically blaming them for bringing COVID.

    1. Some friend of Jack Decker says:

      He’s done that shit to me too. I’m glad this is going viral among our mutual friends on Facebook

  2. Anonymous says:

    He’s practically a nobody.

    1. Fuck yes! He is a nobody and deserves to be one! He’s such a fucking loser for bullying the hell out of people based on their skin color and also harassing the shit out of autistic people

  3. The Half Black Half PR’s GF says:

    The grammar on this post. holy fuck.

    1. Fitim Gashi says:

      I know right?! If this is Deshawn Greene or he’s friend. You’re just fucking mad that people love my cock! Get over it!

        1. Jack Decker’s Mom says:

          Damn… you can’t spell properly LOL 😆 no wonder the Trumpanzee couldn’t even finish school properly

  4. Not Some Friend of Jack Decker says:

    @D.P @Anonymous @Some Friend of Jack Decker

    Ya’ll sound hella mad, did he fuck your moms? Be honest.

    1. Fitim Gashi says:

      They probably are

    2. Fitim Gashi says:

      Plus their mommies look ugly as fuck

  5. Jack Decker’s Mom says:

    If you have suffered harassment at the hands of the charming fuckboy that IS Fitim Gashi, you may be entitled to financial compensation.

    1. Fitim Gashi says:

      Nahhh they won’t. I’ll make sure of it. They are jealous of my fuckboy status. Loser ass virgins. I get more pussy and married pussies than all the niggies and half niggies IN DA WORLD!

  6. Fitim Gashi says:

    Listen YOU ALL NEED TO KNOW! The fact that Albanian men are superior to all the races of men when it comes to the art of being a fuck boy. I don’t give a shit for sounding racist for saying this but black men and biracial men are nowhere as good in bed. I know this because all the women I’ve made love to practically stayed their experiences to me.

    1. Jack Decker’s Mom says:

      Listen Fitim… it’s so obviously you’re gggaaayyy 🙃🙃🙃! Come out from the closet will ya!

    2. Fitim Gashi says:

      Stated. Piss off you negro!

  7. Fitim Gashi says:

    So what if I’m a man whore? What’s so bad about it? I mean women love me and deserve my thick Slavic cock! Y’all are jealous! Get a life!

    1. Go Patriots!! says:

      Listen we know you’re a tranny! It’s ok! This is after all the 21st century let whatever traumatic experiences you’ve had from growing up in some traditional Albanian family, feel free to vent out all the stressful hurt! We get how misogynistic Albanian society is but it doesn’t mean you have to pretend to be a fuck boy! Come back to being a normal Albanian girl and use your real name. It’ll get better

        1. Go Patriots!! says:

          Yeah I’m close to your cousin Linda Gashi and she said you were born as biologically female. What’s the matter? Did some random black or biracial dude cheated on you?

          1. Fitim Gashi says:

            Fuck is going on with this shit…. huh? I’m no fucking tranny? Who are you really?

          2. Go Patriots!! says:

            You gotta take a guess on your own ☺️

          3. Fitim Gashi says:

            I either fucked you or you could be a former friend of mine

  8. Fitim Gashi says:

    Enough with that gay ass shit! I don’t know which full blooded niggy or half nignog you are when it comes to my past. But your jealously is making us Albanian men feel happy 😊. Hell if I were a chick I wouldn’t want to laid by some spigger. Feel free to call me racist all ya want. Let me guess…. are you Deshawn Greene?
    Damn…. you still pissed that I got laid with your girl? Bro… just embrace the fact that negro shlongs do not satisfy women (in this case white women).

    1. Go Patriots!! says:

      I am not… however he rejected me just because I didn’t look Playboy modelesque for him anyway . But anyways prove us that you’re biologically male
      . Let’s see how monstrous your cock looks like 🤣😆😁

    2. You have the perfect look to become a porn star for some gay magazine. Just saying

      1. Fitim Gashi says:

        Fuck off faggot!

  9. Ryan Vignogna says:

    I also can’t stand many blacks, browns and Latinos but I have the same view when it comes to Albanian. Albanians are practically the n*ggers of Europe. Your people didn’t even accomplish anything! White Europeans of Italian and German descent are more superior than these low class Albanians. Oh and Fitim, did you post that article on me here on this website? Man you’re such a pussy

  10. I knew Fitim was a douche and all but damn… I guess his actions are finally getting to him

  11. Was Fitim dropped on the head?

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