Franc Arbaci – Sydney/Melbourne, Australia

Ew, this broke dick, nasty piece of scum really gets around! This cheater cannot keep it in his pants! Franc does not believe in monogamous relationships. Even when Franc was married, he would lie to other women, telling them he was single and available.

Franc’s trouser snake has a lot of mileage on it! Along with that, comes crabs, filth, and disease. Franc has been exposed to crabs 🦀 and STDs. This filthy sex pig has a dirty donger that stank! It smells like sour water and stale d🍆ck cheese 🧀 . I pity any woman who goes down on her knees for a mouthful of that shit! It would be like sucking on a wart covered turd! 💩

This waste of sperm is horrible in bed! Franc does not believe in pleasuring a woman. He is so selfish! He only cares about himself! Franc is a ten-stroke joke! Nothing is worse than a dirty, useless, broke dick that cums too quick!

Franc has a Muslim woman fetish and he thrives over the idea of controlling a hijab wearing woman into being his dirty sex slave! He loves beating women into submission and he desires a docile Muslim woman who will let him slap her around.

This filthy sex freak also likes transvestites! Franc wants to conquer anything that looks like a woman. Rumour has it that Franc also likes c0ck too! Some of the women that dated him have suspected that he is a homosexual, but he is too gutless to ever come out! This sex obsessed freak will root anything, including a sweaty man’s hairy A$S! Franc has more than likely been up many men’s bums. He would be that nasty to blow his load up the slimy backdoor of a feral, homeless man, and then expect a girl to suck him off. No wonder his dick stank!

Franc has been all over Melbourne and is now spreading filth and STDs in Sydney too. Avoid this disease ridden mongrel! Franc Arbaci is a lying, dishonest creep who cannot and will not stop cheating. He is a nasty man! Steer clear of this dirtbag!

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