Jason Grijzen – narcissist enabler

This pathetic cuck is Jason Grijzen. Jason first experienced humiliation and subjugation at the hands of his abusive mother who lived by the adage “We don’t feel uncomfortable, we make other people feel uncomfortable”. Jason’s most significant accomplishment in life was being selected by evil b1tch Kerri Ross to be her bodyguard and facade for her fake life. Jason wasn’t her first choice. She tried Stephen Lyons and Shaun Klassen first but they saw right though her bullshit and kicked her ass out onto the street, so she had to settle for simple minded Jason instead. Jason’s main job is to stay home and man the children while Kerri manufactures love triangles with other men, and to scare them off when Kerri gets bored with them. Jason tried to grow some balls and impose a 3am curfew on her, but Kerri just laughed and said she’ll do what she likes with other men. Jason doesn’t know about the cheater app on her phone she uses to hide text messages. Jason doesn’t know that when his parents pass away Kerri plans to divorce him and take half of their money. Jason doesn’t understand that the community service activities she pushed him into are designed to create the facade of a normal life and build her status so she can get elected Langley Township councilor. Poor sad Jason, what’s it like to be humiliated and controlled by an malignant narcissist? If you are in any kind of relationship with Kerri you have to break it off and go no contact. That’s the only way to protect yourself.

2 thoughts on “Jason Grijzen – narcissist enabler”

  1. Kent "strange haze" Marvin says:

    I’m a former weed grower and Jason’s wife Kerri used to sell drugs for me back when she worked at LandSea Tours. She would sell to the other guides and drivers, especially that loser goof Andrew Mack! Kerri would mind fuck everybody she worked with and when they found out they would get really upset so she married simple minded Jason to be her body guard.

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