Jessica Hayes – Dope Fiend Dumpster who LOVES Conviced Deadbeats and Rapists

If you know anyone that is a convicted rapist, deadbeat, rapist, and woman beater who is looking for someone to make their next target, have them search Jessica Hayes on Facebook and Snapchat.

Yes, deadbeats, rapists, and woman beaters are her type. er favorite type of guys in the past have been those, and she loves it when she gets beat on and forced on by men bc it fulfills her fantasies so she can resort to her favorite hobby, drug use. She will gladly leave her kids to help one of those type, and even date them to avoid being around her kids. So to all the deadbeats, rapists, and woman beaters out there, if you want a target to go whatever it is you want, feel free to contact Jessica Hayes. Besides, she deserves to be beaten, raped, assaulted, have her a** whipped whatever because this is what she loves and craves.

One big advantage for all of them: she has warrants, so she can’t do anything. So whoop her ass to a pulp, and force yourself onto her as damn, painfully rough as you want because she deserved to be painfully raped and assaulted.

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