Justin Lausell of Brooklyn NY the coward animal abuser got arrested

Piece of trash Justin Lausell of Brooklyn NY is the fucking ugly midget coward who attacked Ponzu the cat’s owners and their other pets ( a small dog and a tiny parrot) .
In April 2021, a famous instagram pet called Ponzu the cat was killed in broad daylight by a cruel 12 years old boy in a Brooklyn park , New york. Then Ponzu and his owners were attacked by the child’s obese family who gang assaulted the Asian couple, attacked their other pets ( a small dog and a tiny parrot) while yelling racist slurs at them.
Justin Lausell , who also goes as ” Bebo Blockz” on facebook is one the attackers. He is the midget in grey hoodie and sweatpants, walking with the group of nasty 500 pounds evil scumbags that you can see in the video of that attack that has gone viral. You can see Justin Lausell attacking Ponzu the cat’s owners and also yanking their small dog by the tail.. Justin Lausell also punched their tiny parrot.
What a coward, Justin Lausell and his family of 8 mordibly obsese scumbags who weight each more than 500 pounds, gang assaulted a couple ( only 2 people) and attacked their tiny pets as well.
His mother 500 pounds obese gigantic piece of shit Evelyn Serrano of Brooklyn and his fat trashy cousin Julie Yvette Rodriguez (the mother of Ponzu’s murderer Jayden Diaz Rodriguez) already got arrested and charged for assault . And because trash belongs with trash, in the viral video you see his baby mama Brianna the fatass who carry a child and a toy car, this fat pig looks like she was ready to throw the car at the victim. This whole family of fucking degenerate hoodrats should go in jail !

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