Kyle Reissland aka Odot Meta of Toronto, Canada

Meet 35-year-old Kyle Reissland. I originally met and befriended Kyle on Facebook and Twitter after striking up a conversation with him in regard to politics. Over time I discovered that he does music….horrible but he was what I considered to be a creative someone that goes by Indiglow Meta or Odot Meta or some other variation. Gradually I learn that the person who I have held in such high regard was a dope fiend —he’s admitted in a Facebook post to using hard drugs — PCP, etc, a thief — he has stolen money from people and musical equipment from so-called friends. NONE OF THESE CLAIMS HAS HE DENIED. OR WHEN QUESTIONING HIM ABOUT IT HE’LL DEFLECT AND CHANGE THE SUBJECT. As far as the stealing goes I’m guessing to support his drug addiction and He’s deadbeat .Mr. Reissland has children however he is a deadbeat to his other son. His other baby momma goes so far as to blast him on Facebook. Rather than own up to his responsibilities he would much rather go live on Instagram and rap a freestyle. He also has an ego problem where he feels he’s the best rapper YET given his quality of music, that statement is a rather comical one. He has gone on lengthy rants exhibiting self-hatred and has a penchant for sending women pictures of his little micro-penis on Facebook. This man has serious issues and needs all the help he can get.

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