Marika Stepanis is evil – I mustache you why? Narcissistic Sugar baby alert!

This gold digging narcissist goes by multiple names Marika Stepanis. Another failed model. She plays multiple dudes at once, uses them to pay her rent, insurance, credit cards, wish list. She manipulates and controls any dude that’ll pay her attention. Hooks em in while her on and off bf works up north.

Marika was talking to my girls boyfriend and even when he told her that he had a girlfriend she still would constantly blow up his phone and beg for attention. Blames all her problems on the only friends she ever had to care about her after 2 duis multiple felony’s, she spends her money she does make from working at a night club swinging.

Maybe try using tweezers on your brows instead of getting needles in your face how embarrassing figure yourself out and stop hurting others.Every man that makes this unfortunate mistake ultimately regrets it and will tell you they were simply in a dark place. After seeing her in person, you’ll realize the Instagram edits can only do so much. Also be careful-you never know what you might catch after this encounter.

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