Mauna’Laiya Corrino Is A Lying Psychotic Bitch Who Is Masquerading As A Moor

Meet Mauna’Laiya Corrino. Upon 1st glance you would assumed that she is the average young lady living in Cleveland, right? Wrong. This young lady is a habitual liar & suffers from egotistical issues. Mauna’Laiya while down on her luck has even considered prostituting for spare cash. She also was friends with a certain individual that was accused of pedophilia & a well known YouTube Pimp. Herself having experienced the former herself. She is sick. She also has work as a phone sex operator as well as with Known Kansas City rapper Tech N9ne and his Strange Music imprint where she was a merch girl, fitting right in with the weirdos. This is something that she likes to throw in peoples faces as if it means something. She doesn’t have a good relationship with her own children. She would rather watch Youtube videos like FolksAlert and others & post on Instagram than have some one on one time with her kids. Nik this girl is manipulative & has even lie about her death to get empathy from friends on Facebook which you can see if you facebook search her name. And a GoFundMe and A memorial page will pop up. She maintains a vegan lifestyle yet is a Chimichanga with all the fixings away from having a stroke. With Her Big Ass!! If you see this nutty a55 b1tch please run.

This ignorant wench has lie about her own dead and is still operating on her Instagram (i got the url and all of that Mauna). She professes to be a Moorish Citizen but has proven time and tie again to be clueless about the thing she talks about. You can always se her in the IG live comments of Umar Johnson, Sabir Bey (whos a fraud), bro Polight (whos a fraud) and plenty more of the same ilk .

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