Melvin Mejia Highland Mills New York

Cheats on his wife Andreina Mejia ( was Mera ) with zero remorse. Actually used to laugh about it (when she found a hair in his car or a hair tie). He cheated for 2 years (22 months exactly) but lied to her and acts the victim! Even though he is the one who goes around lying to and hurting innocent people. Nothing he says is the truth, he lies about literally everything and pretends you mean so much to him when it was nothing but manipulation. He’s also quite sick and will have you do awful things to satisfy his fantasies and that will leave you feeling really bad about yourself, and very misled and very used. You’ll realize this after he loses interest once he got you to do all those things. Very sad, soulless empty human being. I pity him.

32 thoughts on “Melvin Mejia Highland Mills New York”

  1. Looking back, I think the worst thing about the situation – not even that he was a liar and married – was that he pretended to care about me yet consistently put me at risk with strangers for his ‘kicks’. (If he wasn’t there he wanted to hear or see videos). Talking to a professional about this; that person bluntly said to me ‘you really think he actually cared about you when he put your safety and your body at risk?’. It was impossible to answer that he cared when it was presented to me like that. Of course he did not. I was merely entertainment for his boring life. He doesn’t have actual intellectual interests (he used to say he painted but I never saw a single thing he painted – he even took credit for the painting I did of his mom). His interests were purely right wing politics, degrading women and his home or bikes.

    It’s sad to think I was so misled, or did I just see what I wanted to see? I projected what I wanted him to be, I thought he was sensitive like me. He cried in my arms many times. It was all an act I guess. The whole pretending I was so special to him and how he wished he met me years before. It was all so I did the things he wanted me to for him.

    If I was special to him why would he put me at risk like that?
    If I was special how did he just cut me off like a nobody after I was loyal and kind to him for 2 years?

    It’s really sick.

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  20. Melvin has an ugly soul. The bottom line and how people in my family will remember him is he’s a cruel, dishonest coward with a penchant for manipulating people to get what he wants, then leaving them completely floored at their cruelty.
    If he called me up tomorrow begging for forgiveness I would never forgive him. I wouldn’t even want to hear that sickos voice. The things he made me do, under the guise of it being ‘for us’ makes me sick to my stomach. When I told my current partner those things he was so disgusted and upset I was treated like that. He made a good point ‘no man that would actually care about you would want to put you at risk’. It’s so true. He used me to do the things he didn’t ask his wife to do anymore, all the while pretending he cared to manipulate me.


  21. The bottom line is Melvin is a cheating scumbag, he can sugar coat it all he wants but he’s pure trash.

  22. He’s a spineless, cowardly loser. Didn’t even have the balls to face me after 2 years when he was found out to be the loser he is. I shouldn’t of expected any more from the man who treated his own mom the same way. Totally spineless and treats people like disposable napkins.

  23. So glad to know what he’s really like now, what a liar, a coward, a fraud and a fool he is.

    As if he didn’t show me enough depravity (his cuckolding fetish, wanting to lick mens 💦 you know what). Now I know what a complete creep this ‘man’ is. Andreina Mejia doesn’t know the truth about anything he’s said – especially about her! He played me, and he’s playing her. He’s clearly a good manipulator. I hope she sleeps well at night. Hah, that used to be the time he would start sending me d*ck pics when she’s asleep beside him. Now he uses that time to online stalk me …
    He’s a sick person, he can go back to his Wifelovers posts and sharing her with black guys so he can lick the ‘deposit’ or whatever he used to call it, sloppy seconds, or the ‘reclaiming’ – gross … low class people, what else can you say?

  24. I wonder if he pressured her with the words ‘it’s for us’ too for his twisted fantasies – and used the police database to look up guys for it for her too.
    No, it’s for him, no matter how he tried to sugar coat it. He preys on people with his manipulative bullshit, pretending they’re special to him, crying to me all the time (about his dad, his mom, his niece, his job) with real tears. Were they fake crocodile tears? Claiming she used to tell him to ‘man up’ and called him ugly and insulted him. Haha… all sympathy ploys to get people to feel sorry for him. How many nights did I stay up all night listening to his problems when he was on night shift! How many times was I the one he called with his problems? He used to say he couldn’t stand the thought of me not being around and then he just ghosted after 22 months like I was shit. So he deserves everything! And he’s lied and claimed I’ve done stuff I didn’t. He’s doing what all men do when they’ve been caught. It’s so pathetic. He’s pathetic! Yet he spies on me, I have the proof – for 7 months straight! Not a day goes by without him spying. Even from Wyndham…. always 2am, when she’s sound asleep. Nothing changes.

  25. Deep down he must know what a piece of shit he is, how he treated me (after all the things he said!), and how he treated his mom…. the guy is a cold hearted fraud. Funny as he actually told me that about himself when he first pursued me. And I said ‘what’s to stop you doing that to me?’ When he said he used to just cut people out his life… and he would say he would never and I was his best friend. Hahah what a crock!

  26. And this is the ‘man’ who showed up at my door in the pandemic with 3 big bags of groceries for me and my kids (degiorno pizza whatever it’s called, pasta, noodles, Gatorade, condensed milk and big tins of Goya crackers etc) pretending he cared about us. Showing up after the funeral shaking and crying. This is someone who put me in his life by his own doing (he started it all – and he hit on me) and now to suit his narrative throws someone under the bus!

    A complete and utter fraud.
    Showing up the morning after my birthday crying and holding me so tight I could barely breathe because she made him miss it… yet so duplicitous he calls her right in front of me when I’m sitting in the car at his PT appt (he was only there 10 mins).
    Such a sleaze now I think things over.

    His cowardly actions led to venting in this way, unfortunately.
    It’s within my rights and he knows I have proof of everything, and I speak the truth.

  27. In my humble opinion, Melvin is one of the most scummiest low lives I’ve ever had the misfortune of meeting. A self serving asshole who is the biggest fraud imaginable. Vapid, shallow personality and no morals.

  28. His butthole says:

    He really loved being pegged with a dildo up his a… too scared (although she’s the man in that relationship) to ask his wife for it so he begged his mistress to do it. Barf.

  29. Kevin? Or BBC? says:

    I’ll never forget how terribly this person treated me. It’s beyond comprehension that someone can use someone for their twisted fantasies (putting the other person at risk) whilst pretending they actually cared about the me. If they did they wouldn’t pressure me to do things I clearly didn’t want to. All the ‘it’s for us’ makes me sick to think about. His wife may enjoy being a whore for him, but I was better than that. I’m far more intelligent than the two of these imbeciles put together – when I look back now I was manipulated by him as I was vulnerable, and believed he cared about me and my kid. I realized that he used my kid too as a way to show he cared – pretend to care about my kid and I’ll do the sick twisted stuff he really wanted? Now that’s SICK.
    Basically he’s a user, and someone with zero morals. He lied to his whole family, and me – he lies to himself that his cuckolding bullshit is remotely normal!
    Everyone in my life knows what a scumbag he is. The moment he ‘ghosted’ after all the bullshit I did for him proved the real depravity inside him. Nobody with an ounce of human decency would of done that after 2 years and all the things he pressured me to do for him. He had zero respect for me and used me as his entertainment to get his short little fat d*ck off. A monster living among us! He’s the proverbial wolf in sheep’s clothing.

  30. Priscilla says:

    Seriously what kind of man pressures his woman to sleep with black men for him so he can lick their c*m? That’s fucked up!! Really fucked up. So abusive!! Melvin Mejia has no morals in my opinion. Who does shit like that? Making his wife Andreina sleep with men for him too, and posting videos of her sucking black d*ck on porn sites? He’s not well in the head that’s for sure. I’m sorry I ever got caught up with this abuser because I have nothing but regret over the things he pressured me to do.

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