Michael Fitzpatrick the untrustworthy creative director of FEEETZY in Canada

Hi there! I’m Michael Fitzpatrick and I love spreading my seed to many women who are taken. In this case women who are in relationships with my friends, colleagues, etc. It’s been a great adventure of me spreading STDs to these taken women from my college (UCD) to other women in many different countries from my home country Ireland to women in Canada. I don’t give a shit of what people think of me when it comes to me going after their long time girlfriends behind their backs. I’m not really a trustworthy person so in other words, you’d be wasting your time with me being in a friendship. If you have a fucking problem with that. Well you’re just a loser of a virgin whose jealous of me due to the fact that I am a successful creative director of the video company (called FEEETZY) and that I have a nuclear cock which the ladies love. Henceforth why they want to cheat on my friends with me. So piss the fuck off with your misery and just embrace the lifestyle of being a manwhore

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