Patrick Elogum aka @patscorpio of is a Bitch

I try to give people chances upon chances upon chances upon chances , but it seems Patrick you are insistent on getting on my bad side. Could it be that you Ties to Harvard and feel that you are better than Black people? Could it be that you have allowed your position on thecoli go to your head? I mean you’re basically BrooklynzSon slave. That big head motherfucker tells you to jump and you say “yesm boss”. Like a good ol nigga. Look atcha, you look sickly and looking like you battling a bout of stage 4 breast cancer with your ol sassy ass. Look atcha, a grown man on a slowing dying message board that Throws subliminals at members. You think you buff cause you can curl 45lb dumbbells? You sweet feminine little bitch. All on IG cheesing like a COON for that white girl in that picture of you with that Viking hat. And just a FYI nowhere in history have VIKINGS ever fucked with BLACK PEOPLE. Please stop.

You have a Podcast that you tru to force on people with that other dude that raps on the coli. The one that sounds like hes deepthroating a dick like Janet Jacme. You and that lame fuck are some clowns. The more lame thing is I have his info because yall follow each other. How lame can you be?

And you dont have to ask who’s behind this

It’s me Jack Splatter ol sugarfoot ass nigga.

16 thoughts on “Patrick Elogum aka @patscorpio of is a Bitch”

  1. Jack Splatter Is God says:

    I told you moist fuck niggas on that site to stop playing with me man. Yall around here being That coon Brooklynzson beck and call and hes not even paying yall.

    Always in the next individuals business well you now have this to worry about. You big head son of a bitch

    1. That nigga a straight bitch

      1. Jack Splatter Is God says:


  2. Jimmy Two Times says:


    1. Jack Splatter says:

      Dude look fucking deranged.

      1. He looks like a bitch .

  3. Youseenmywork says:

    Fuck the coli.
    I’m banned from that site. And for no damn reason. Salute to you Splatter. Karma is a bitch and what goes around comes around.

    1. Jack Splatter says:

      He has big clit energy

      1. 😭😭😭😭😭

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  7. KyokushinKarateMan says:

    Fuck that rat. I dont trust that bitch ass nigga.

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  9. BlackieRobinson says:

    Takes the term “chatty patty” to a whole new level.

    fuck the coli for banning me and getting my reddit removed. Fucking Bitches!!!!!

    1. Jack Splatter says:

      damn they deleted your shit?

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