Randall “Crabmeat” Thomspon Is A Confused Bisexual Psycopath With Erectile Dysfunction

meet Randall Thompson. Mr. Thompson is a struggling comedian out here in Las Vegas. Upon first meeting him he seemed like a okay guy, but eventually after befriending him is the exact opposite. Mr. Thompson is on the fence about his sexuality and can’t decide whether he wants to pitch or receive. Him having a micropenis could be the reasoning. He was rooming with a model/actor and basically wanted this individual to pay him in sex. Its also a rumor out here that he’s a frequent visitor of gloryholes Nick. He frequents comedy clubs and does stand up. However his material sucks. I’ve seen more people nursing their drinks than listen to him. He also known to crossdress and manipulate his pictures to look like a woman. Watchout for this weirdo

1 thought on “Randall “Crabmeat” Thomspon Is A Confused Bisexual Psycopath With Erectile Dysfunction”

  1. Jack Splatter says:

    Catch back ol fruit by the foot ass nigga. Randall the type to eat hotdogs with a big fucking grin on his face. And for the record I’m getting EVERYBODY that had something to say about me on that site .

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