Terry Jacob oldfield aka Jake oldfield ST. Helen’s Oregon WOMANIZER

Where do I start .. Terry oldfield aka Jake oldfield lives in Warren Oregon next to St . Helens Oregon that is where Jake loves to use and ABUSE lie and cheat on all his victims he plays a pity party on females will even bring along his children to get you to feel sorry for him and he will play the cards get in good with you and then bam one day you start noticing all of your things missing and you start finding little stuff of yours in his car etc. And then when confronted he flips out like a lunatic and even hit me a few times and turned it around and said it’s my fault. Then one day I found out he was cheating on me.. not with just one person but with multiple women and he once again turned it all around on me beat me threatened me with his guns.. He’s a lowlife lying cheating bastard. He doesn’t work, And he currently is living in the back yard of a old time family friend in his car! Don’t trust him he will rob you blind and then beat you up and say it’s your fault you made him cheat.

1 thought on “Terry Jacob oldfield aka Jake oldfield ST. Helen’s Oregon WOMANIZER”

  1. lisa shuman says:

    Hmmm Kate you should probably tell the whole truth not just what u want people to think about Jake. Your a lying stealing bitch. Got u on camera destroying the security system so u could break into jakes trailer and steal stuff. U forgot to get the DVD player that recorded you and yes it was turned over to the county for evidence to get you on robbery charges. U send Jake 500 text messages a day and talk to him like he’s a piece of shit. You need to get help u spy on him follow him your crazy

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