Tess Kroeker: Psych nurse? Uni prof? Manipulator? Scum bag? YUP

Dear GF(s) of Tess’…Join the club. We know you will find this post eventually. Why? Because you have your suspicions. Your red flags are flying too strong. As they should. Tess Kroeker cheats on all the women he has ever been with. Ask him if he has ever had a relationship without him cheating and watch him squirm. Isn’t it interesting how he always seems to disappear for chunks of time? And can only commit to you on certain days or times? He is a total manipulator and liar. He lies to not only women but to his kids all while making himself out to be SUPER DAD and a feminist to all the women he meets. And does not deserve all the attention he gets. We hope he doesn’t harm more women. He is not as smart as he thinks. Yes, we say “we” because we found out that there are MANY of us he was seeing all at the same time. Casually dating is one thing but he made each of us feel like we are the ONLY one..… we all have very similar stories of laying in bed talking about marriage and our lives together and joining families. It makes all of us feel disgusted to know how we were all played by someone we trusted.
Cheating is a part of his nature and you cant teach a old dog new tricks. You would thinks someone older than 50 could keep it in his pants. BUT NO.
If you have been with him this is a PSA to GET CHECKED. DRD ALERT. Trust us. Not him and his smooth manipulative talking. Some of us still talk to him just to “test the waters” and he just cant resist. he loves the attention. We get the stories. Tess the scum bag Kroeker.
He will trash your heart and take your money and dignity. (If you want stories, we have plenty overlapping stories to share…..which you will for sure relate to.)
CL, RT, GR, BB, SJ and CB

(If you are or have been a victim of Tess’ lies and deceit we would love to support you through your healing process.)

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