Thomas Lavella, st. Marys pa

Avoid this individual. He is misogynistic, a liar, and a complete fake. He coerces women into sleeping with him by forcing himself on them. As soon as he gets what he wants he bails, but not before making life a living hell with all his drama and triangulation. He doesn’t respect boundaries, and acts abusively when told no. He’s a drunk and has a pathological gambling addiction. He is sexually compulsive, and sleeps with multiple women at a time. Within 2 weeks of knowing this individual, it was made evident to me that he’s racist and thinks he is above others. It was a misfortune to know him, he is deeply selfish and surrounded by enablers. He operates a gym, while talking badly about the people who attend it. He is a manipulator and validates himself by forcing multiple romantic partners to compete for his attention. He is empty and the persona he sells to acquaintances is a lie. Avoid him, he makes everything about himself. Real class act.

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