Victoria Reese – Duncan, Oklahoma

This ugly, half-breed, mulatto skank is a Facebook troll who harasses people online. Victoria Reese is also a Black Lives Matter member/supporter. She is an insecure asshole racist who hates the color of her skin along with her nappy ass hair. She exposes her insecurities by expressing her ugly attitude onto white people, because she is jealous of their beautiful Caucasian features.

Victoria Reese is also known as Victoria Cherisse Anderson. Reese is her married name. Victoria is 26 years old. She and her husband are from the Duncan/Lawton area of Oklahoma.

Even though this mixed girl is part white, herself, she is bitter against the white race. She is another Brianna Allen who is also on here. White people need to stop having mixed babies with blacks, because these half breed kids grow up to be homely and bitter. It isn’t healthy for butt-ass ugly cows like Victoria to be so jealous of white people. This troublemaker constantly wants to fight with whites and join anti-white groups that want to do harm to white people.

Victoria hates white people, but she married a nerdy looking, puny white guy, named Braedon. It’s understandable as to why Braedon would marry this aggressive beast. If he has been bullied by people in the past, due to his size or appearance, he will be protected now. He can always sic his dog of a wife on them. Victoria loves fighting, but she’s a coward. If she’s not winning, she’ll block a person or will disappear another way. This cow loves to pull the race card, because she’s fat and lazy. Why work when you can get the gibs for life? This cunt wants handouts and will keep pulling the race card to get the freebies. Victoria will never have a job and will always pitch a tantrum, suing people when she wants to get paid. This lost cause, no-hoper is a waste! Avoid this fat pig!

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